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Pens and phones

I saw this Siemens PenPhone browsing through the CeBit news and it seems rather neat. The idea is that the pen is the phone, and you dial phone numbers and send SMS messages by just writing the numbers/text down on any surface. Not quite sure how in the world this would have a descent form factor, and you would probably have to carry around a headset in order to use it practically, but the idea is at least interesting.

The features of the Siemans pen would appear to complement the Anoto pen well. Some versions of the Anoto pen can use Bluetooth to link up to your cellphone, but they require that you use special paper for the pen to register your text. Also, the Anoto pen does not attempt to do any handwriting recognition and sends any text messages as a photographic image (MMS).

I would prefer a combination of the two products (separate pen and camera, handwriting recognition, no special paper), but I find them both conceptually interesting in their own rights.

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