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1602 Annotations

Issue 8 will be upon us soon, so to help myself be prepared, I've collected links to all the various issues annotations out there. Jason Pomerantz appears to be the only person to have completed annotations all the way through, but Julian Darius' and Jess Nevins' both had very strong efforts for the earlier issues;

Issue 1: Darius Nevins Pomerantz
Issue 2: Darius Nevins Pomerantz
Issue 3: Darius Nevins Pomerantz
Issue 4: Darius Pomerantz
Issue 5: Pomerantz
Issue 6: Pomerantz
Issue 7: Pomerantz

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I haven't read anything other than the first issue of 1602, but I like reading the annotations -- while the Marvel analogues are very easy to recognize, it's the historical material contained within that I find truly fascinating.


I'm still amazed how well Neil Gaiman spun the universe into 17th century history. At comic-con, he said that the idea for it came after 9/11 and he wondered what it would be like to have a world with no guns, no planes, no skyscrapers, and no explosives. Given this route to the idea, it's impressive to see just how well the Marvel characters can be recast into 1600s analogues.

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