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I had a lot of whisky/whiskey at the Whiskies of the World Expo. After filling up on as much buffet as possible, several of us stopped at the whisky 101 course to train our noses and palates. Our first speaker was named McClure and the second speaker sounded like Tory McClure, so that part was a bit surreal, as were the occassional fake Scot accents via New York thrown into the presentation. meta was enthralled by the third speaker's self-made plaid dress.

After learning about the process of making whisky, we got to the fun part about grassy, malty, smoky, and floral taste elements. When I get my notes back, I'll fill in which was which, but I remember the smoky was Talisker and the floral was Dalwhinnie (Cragganmore might have been the malty). We then tasted some Johnnie Walker Black/Gold before they sent us out to use our new tasting skills.

wdj acted as our faithful guide for the rest of the evening, and we managed to blaze through the man whisky hall and speciality drinking hall. It's hard to pick/remember favorites, but I do recall liking the Bowmore single malts, Compass Box's vatted malts (meta ordered several bottles of Compass Box's Monster), and MacTarnahan's amber ale. The Talisker from the class was nice as well. Unfortunately, for me at least, there is such a thing as whisky overload, and I was happy to finish the evening up in the speciality drinks hall where I could fill up on non-whisky.

My favorite overall from the evening had to be the armagnacs. I've never had any before, and there four vendors in the specialty drinks hall. I sampled heaving from two of the vendors before the evening was up, and nearly ever glass poured was older than me, with the oldest being a 1944.

We finished up the evening at Anne's housewarming (I had to skip Dropkick), which was fairly packed. Those of us at the party who had gone to Whiskies of the World, though, were pretty much on our last legs. * whiskydrinkingjesus' post * ginfiend's post

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