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Blacklist good/bad news

According to the author of MT Blacklist, the time for MT Blacklist has come to an end. The reason for this is that MovableType 3.0 will be including TypeKey, which is a centralized user login system for MovableType blogs (the author is also ready to move onto other things). What does that mean? It means that when you want to comment on a MovableType blog, you login to TypeKey first. Presumably, spammers would be quickly identified, and booted off, but for everyone else registration would be a one-time process.

I'm somewhat ambivalent about this. User registration is one of the main reasons why I dislike Xanga so much. In Xanga's case, you can only comment after you've gone through the process of registering with Xanga. TypeKey would be marginally better, in that there's no baggage associated with registering, but part of me likes the fact that there are no deterrents to random strangers commenting on my blog. The other part of me hates the fact that this also makes it very easy for spammers, as well as people who take joy in being annoying.

In the latter case, MT Blacklist has been a reasonably good tool. At the time of this post, I count 952 comment spams that have been block by it, and it has also provided a comment deleting interface that Movable Type 2.x is sorely lacking. There was one particular case of visitor who thought it was amusing to try and annoy me by leaving 50+ comments on the site. With MT Blacklist, I was able to delete all of his comments with a single click. MT Blacklist is also a great idea, because, in general, I think in the long term it is a good deterrent to spammers to know that the URLs for the sites that they promote are being tracked and can be used against them (such as in the case of AOL, which has started blocking Web access to spammer's sites).

Depending on how spammers react to the introduction of TypeKey, I'll decide whether or not to start requiring user registration for MT 3.0, when it comes out. In the best of all worlds, it works so well that spammers move onto new territory without me evening having to enable to feature, but I know that is unwarranted optimism.

On a side note, I also wonder if TypeKey could make it easier to start building features such as making it easier to monitor responses to your comments on MovableType blogs.


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