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PubSub lets you create virtual RSS feeds based on a search term. For example, you can subscribe to Nanotechnology, Stanford, or a search term of your own, and it will return articles from over a million blogs. Here's one I created for the mars rover.

If only Google News could add this feature to their search -- they have news alerts, but those are e-mail based.
(via Brad Choate)

Update: With Brad Choate (maker of fine MovableType plugins) showing up in the comments within 10 minutes of my posting, this made me realize that this is a powerful tool in support of Scalzi's Law of Internet Invocation. Instead of having to actively Google your name to find new mentions of yourself, PubSub will deliver all new occurrences of your name directly to your news reader within minutes of it being posted. Those Internet Spirit Summoning spells will work that much quicker now.


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See-- I noticed this post through my "Brad Choate" subscription. Looks like you're on the list too! :)


Man, this will just make Scalzi's Law of Internet Invocation that much more powerful. It only took seven minutes for you to show up :)

John Scalzi:

"Man, this will just make Scalzi's Law of Internet Invocation that much more powerful."

The power! The power!


Scalzi: once again, you prove your eponymous law :). thanks for stopping by!

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