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Lucid dreams

Anybody out there have experience with lucid dreams? I believe I've had lucid dreams twice: once over a dozen years ago, and another last night. In both cases, almost as soon as I realized I was dreaming, I immediately woke up, so I didn't really get to have any fun with it.

In my first lucid dream, I was racing around trying to escape from a fire. I raced around for quite awhile, unable to find a way to get around the flames. It then occurred to me that this was a dream, and that I could get out out of it by dying, so I laid down on the flames and woke up.

In last night's dream, I dreamt I was in a CD store and there was a Liz Phair MTV Unplugged CD. I picked it up to buy it as a present for meta and took it to the register. At the register they had another Liz Phair live CD, so I picked that up too.

As I was paying for the CDs, I thought to myself, "There's no Liz Phair MTV Unplugged CD," and I opened up both CD cases. Both of the CD labels said MTV Unplugged, but one was a little bit ephemeral, as if it didn't know what label it was supposed to have. As it dawned on me that none of this was real I woke up.

Anybody have more luck staying in their dreams?


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I've had this a number of times, though I haven't attempted to cultivate it. You're supposed to be able to, though. A book I read many, many years ago recommended keeping a dream journal, and writing down anything and everything you recalled from your dreams. This was supposed to lead to more lucid dreaming.

Though read Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath to see why that might not be such a good thing. :)


My main problem is that I so rarely remember my dreams (at most a couple a year year). The only dreams that I do remember, are the ones that I wake up during, which makes lucid dreams especially interesting for me, as I seem to cause myself to wakeup.


I've had a number of lucid dreams although I've never used that term before and I used to have them much more when I was younger. I used to have a lot of nightmares and "out of body" dreams (I don't really mean that I left my body but I would often "wake up" and feel like I was hovering outside my body and couldn't lock in or that my body was paralyzed even though I was totally conscious). Anyway, controlling my dreams was a way to deal with the nightmares. I worked on it pretty systematically because my nightmares were very bad at that time, but I think anyone can do it regularly if you put some effort into it. Luckily, I don't have as many nightmares anymore so I've lost the knack of it, which is both good and bad.


To continue on the idea of cultivation -- writing down your dreams is supposed to increase the number of dreams you remember. Theoretically, you end up with a positive feedback loop, where the act of writing down those few things you do recall leads to recollection of more information from future dreams, and so on.

I have never attempted to put this into practice, or checked for any controlled, empirical verification, so make of it what you will.


It's interesting to me that no one (yet) has posted that they have the ability to outright control their dreams. A friend of mine in middle school claimed he could turn into Marvel superheroes when he lucid dreamt, but who knows.

bv - the feeling of being conscious but being unable to move your body is an actual phenomena called sleep paralysis. Your body naturally locks up when you're dreaming to prevent you from completely acting out your dreams. If you wake up during this, you might temporarily not have the ability to move.


If anyone cares to know, I have these type of lucid dreams you guys are talking about. In my dreams I can make things appear and disappear. I can even fly around my neighborhood. The only down part is that I can't fly for very long because I feel gravity is taking me down on purpose so I wont have any fun.

Years ago, when I had a serious relationship with this person, I dreamt of his mother. This dream was the first type of 'nightmare on elm street' dream. I dreamt I was in my bed facing the wall and my ex bf's mother was sitting next to my bed and she specifically told me to, "stay away from my son". I had that paralyzing feeling in which I knew I was dreaming and made myself wake up only to wake up to another dream and have her tell me the same thing.

Although I never had the opportunity to meet her because she passed away when he was 17, I still have the feeling it was her. Since then, I have total control of my dreams after I realize I am dreaming.


Alex - I imagine studiously writing down the dreams helps with that first (crucial to me at least) five minutes after you wake up, in which the dream quickly fades away. For me, though, even waking up knowing that I dreamt at all is a rare occurrence. Somehow I need to trick my body into waking up during a dream, and shifting the alarm wakeup time around doesn't seem to help.

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