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While browsing the, I found out that the US Postal Service is considering dropping its sponsorship of Armstrong's pro cycling team. Personally, I was shocked. For $10M/year, USPS gets it's huge logo on the backs of cycling team that has won the past five Tour de France races. In also gets the main attraction, Lance Armstrong, who's a poster boy hero, the biggest American in cycling, and one of the biggest people in cycling in the world (not to mention Sportsman of the Year by both ESPN and Sports Illustrated).

USPS also gets to sponsor a sport that keeps its athletes clean from performance-enhancing drugs, one that doesn't calls its games on the account of rain or snow, and one where the main event lasts an entire month, which means that for an entire month on SportsCenter millions of viewers will hear "US Postal cycling team."

Finally, when in present history has anyone actually wanted to wear the USPS logo? (let alone pay $80-100 for jersey with a USPS logo, or $2500-3500 for a USPS-painted bike, $20 for a USPS hat, etc...)

More reasons why $10M is a great investment

* NOTE: The USPS is not tax-payer funded and has to compete against UPS and FedEx

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