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I've rewrote some of my original entry on Richard Clarke's Against All Enemies, but I still have a little ways to go. I still haven't summarized part three of the book, where he actually criticizes Bush. If you somehow have been refraining from reading the entry until I finish, I will tide you over with this little diddy from the extended entry, which is my favorite anecdote in the book:

Clarke: "How can you be sure there are no Aum [Shinrikyo] here, John [O'Neill], just because you don't have an FBI file on them? Did you look them up in the Manhatten phone book to see if they're there?" O'Neill: "You serious?" O'Neill instructs a deputy to contact the FBI New York field office. A while later, he gets a note back O'Neill: "Fuck. They're in the phone book, on East 48th Street at Fifth."

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