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April Fools roundup

Google is hiring. In related news, according to CNN, despite the corny press release, Google's Gmail, which offers 1GB of mail storage, is real.

EFF and Department of Justice Merger

PC EZ-Bake Oven

Just about every article posted on Slashdot, including IF Quake

Speaking of Slashdot, Gadget Madness was Slashdotted

Microsoft Halts Plans for Xbox 2, Halo 2 in Jeopardy

AMD to drop Athlon 64 taxonomy for Intel's

Orkut is adding a random "desires" field to people's profiles. Mine is: "desires: take the red pill, get away with it." Here are some more:

- meta's: figure out how Cookie Monster eats all those cookies when he's only a puppet, blow my nose silently
- pqbon's: be the last woman on earth, find a laptop that fits on my lap
- remember that "charitable" is not some new type of furniture, grow another limb
- cause a wardrobe malfunction, win second place in a beauty contest (collect $10)
- learn that it's okay to share, surf the waves on Titan
- a +2 broadsword of slaying with +3 to dexterity and charisma, have as many friends in real life as on orkut
- speak at least twenty fictional languages, learn how to spell "Supercalifragilistic-".... whatever.
- be the last woman on earth, oo ee oo aa aa ting tang walla walla bing bang
- isolate 3 milligrams of 98.3% pure praseodymium , getting that energizer bunny to stop

Ask Jeeves in skivvies

ThinkGeek :: PC Hamster Case Mod

Leaked Episode III footage

and many, many more

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When I bought my oscar-the-grouch shirt the cashier got kind of upset with me because I was ripping on Cookie Monster for not really eating those cookies.

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