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Taxes done!

Another woohoo - for the second time in my life, I did my own taxes. Much easier the second time around with the tax program importing last year's data. I used TurboTax this year instead of TaxCut. I know that destroys geek cred, but I used TaxCut last year and it was a piece of crud.

Granted, TurboTax had the benefit of importing all of last year's TaxCut data to make my life easier, but it also seems that TurboTax does a real good job of marking stuff that you can skip over. TurboTax often marked pages with "these are not common," which was code-speak for "press next." This made things a lot faster and me a lot less paranoid when I had finished. Also, as far as I could tell, this years version had zero copy protection - no registration numbers, no nothing. My only complaint was that it took about an hour for it to download all of its updates, which was longer than it took to fill out my taxes.

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