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A friend organized a trip out to Stacey's Cafe in Pleaston (about a 30 minute drive from Mountain View), which is owned by Scott Adams of Dilbert fame. It's not a Dilbert restaurant -- about the only Dilberty item is a small table near the front that has signed Dilbert dolls. It has more in common with a ritz-y Palo Alto or Los Altos restaurant.

There is a bit of Scott Adams influence, which comes from the menu. Next to each of the menu items there is a joke, sometimes amusing (Baked Brie: We tried to achieve world peace by renaming the French brie to Freedom Brie but nothing happened so we changed it back), sometimes a horrid pun (Chili Glazed Jumbo Prawns: If you have any left over you can sell it to the prawn shop), but generally entertaining. I spent my first ten minutes reading all the quips instead of trying to figure out what I was going to order. You can read the menu online. Be sure to check out the Date food section.

Between the five of us, we ordered two unique dishes. Three of us, including me, ordered the Gorgonzola Filet. It was tender and I liked it a lot. My only complaint was that there was not enough yummy gorgonzola to smear into the sauce. The other dish was the Pancetta Wrapped Chicken Picatta, which got good reviews.

Stacey's Cafe has two interesting policies. The first is that they will allow any customization, now matter how picky it is. The closest I came to testing this was ordering Ice Tea with no ice. This wasn't a strong test of the policy, even if it is a bit oxymoronic. The second policy, which comes from their date-friendly portion of the menu, is

If somehow, despite our precautions, you end up with a piece of pasta stuck to your forehead, our busboys will start a fist fight as a diversion while a server swoops in and knocks the offending pasta off your face.

We were so full after the main course that we didn't even have room for the tasty looking desserts.

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