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Okay, now what?

I am composing this 1000th entry using my old paper notebook, which is something I did without much thinking, but now seems to bring things full circle. I wish I could offer you something spectacular that I have been saving for precisely this moment, but instead I'll bore you with retrospection.

Having reached 1000 entries, it feels like these last ten were the hardest. Most of my posts have been reflexive, without much thought (perhaps a bad thing), but for each of these last ten I put much more consideration into whether or not it was appropriate, or whether I was just trying to reach 1000 quicker. I am reminded of what was said during meta's marathon: it's the last 0.2 miles that gets you.

This is hardly an accomplishment of the same order. Instead of being evidence of hard work, pain, and endurance, it is more appropriate to call this a tribute to the copy machine, which I learned so much about, for most of this blog has been defined by the content of the Web that I stumbled upon and was amused by or related to.

When I first started, it was easy enough to post links from BoingBoing and Fark, but at some point I grew bored of this, and many of you also started reading the same sites. KoKoRo, Kottke, mefi, and others also entered in the mix, and when this seemed to be not enough, I went to the Technorati and Blogdex aggregators to follow what was interesting. Now I'm inundated with 200+ entries a day from 50+ sites (all organized nicely by Bloglines), and yet, with all of this increased material to choose from, I can feel my rate of posting declining.

I liken this to when I first discovered Slashdot: it was like I was in geek heaven. I read nearly every entry, as well as the comments. Soon the comments became predictable, and the story posts familiar. I used to joke with friends about writing a bot that would automatically generate the first 200 comments for any given entry. Nowadays I read perhaps two Slashdot posts per day with interest, and I rely on a friend of mine to send me funny comments that he often finds moderated down to -1.

This same effect is happening with many of the sites I read. There's only so many stories about amusing things done while drunk, stupid criminals, flip-flopping Bush policies, and geeky stuff done with rotten meat and legos that I can read before it becomes hard to distinguish. There's a phrase bantered about that there's seven original plots in novels (or something like that), and the same could probably be said of content on the Web, especially when reduced to a category + one-line summary on Fark.

There have been sites that I think will remain exceptions. Making Light regularly engrosses me with it's original content, even if the topic of discussion is how to find an agent in the book industry, which is knowledge that I will never put to good use. Neil Gaiman tosses anecdotes into his journal that make me yearn for the never-to-be-written Good Omens II. Just today he posted the best possible review one could ever write for Scooby Doo II. Udell and Zeldman continue to push the edge in XML and CSS, respectively, filling me with new ideas for pages and software to write. There's also Gizmodo and Engadget, which will probably drain my wallet with their content for some time to come.

There's also all of your sites. meta, who has as many blogs as I do; pqbon, founder of 1010 blog, without which I would have hit 1000 entries a long time ago :); Gadget-superhero bp, who made the whole movabletypo experiment possible; the movabletypo guinea pigs -- honeyfields, cshell, rcp, and cr -- who probably don't realize how much they contribute to my publishing experiment; Paul, who introduced me to Mythbusters and thus gets credit for many entries here, including his cool-but-disturbing federal/state budget calculators; the LJ folks -- allplainstapped (aka cr), snortykills, glynnenstein, davextreme, and cyndercalhoon -- who introduced me to the site that inspired the 1010 aggregator, give me a link to the East Coast, and keep the cost of kwcblog down; and the Xanga folks -- ginfiend, psychoshepard, and wdj -- who entertain me with entries that are sometimes often too disturbing to post here.

I don't think that I will ever give up this blog, though I do imagine that less and less of my energy will be focused on writing entries here. Already I've diverted some of my energies to xanga2mt, tripod2mt,, and the 1010 aggregator that powers it. If there is anything that I am happy with as a result of blogging for this past year, it's been the 1010 aggregator. It appears that for some of you at least, it has created a sense of community among our disparate sites. I've heard some of you ask about people that you don't even know because of it, and someday you'll meet each other and awkwardly realize that you already know each other by your blog voices.

One of you has told me that the 1010 aggregator has encouraged your posting because it makes you feel that you have a common place to shout among other voices. For me, I think, it will have the opposite effect. The aggregator creates one voice out of many blogs, and now I don't feel like I have to be as loud. People visiting my site once a day won't be disappointed by the lack of new content; instead they can visit, and when I have something to say, it will appear there alongside the rest of your entries.

Looking forward, I see more work on the 1010 aggregator to test a couple more ideas, an MTInNOut plugin, and fun with MovableType 3.0. Also, copying meta, I envision spending more of my energies commenting on the sites of people I don't know and finding amusement in this wherever I can. My voice may be quieter here, but hopefully my vanity will make its presence known online through other means.

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Congrats! (My guess was April 15)


$ cat ken1000post.txt
Ken will post his 1000th post at: April 1, 11:00pm
$ md5sum ken1000post.txt
0186b6cc72520b30ee2670d46a89a84a ken1000post.txt

Dang that power outage! It looked like it was going to be close. Alas. :)


As bp pointed out to me, it will be interesting to see how many people actually remember their guesses...

BTW: April 1st bp? Were you hoping for a grand April Fools 1000th post? That would have required far too much planning, a skill I no longer have :).


No special reason. Seemed like a decent guess, based on an unscientific glance at your posting rate. Oh, and it was 1 month from when I posted my guess, too, I suppose.

Alright, now, where's everyone else's guesses? I can't win by default!


Mike says his guess was around mid-March, which still puts you in the lead. That leaves rcp and honeyfields to snatch your free meal.

hmm.... is there some way to decode the answer done with md5 generator? i apparently thought that this was possible when i made my guess.... but apparently that was a fabrication of my addled mind. :)

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