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pagodaI made my first trip ever to Japantown, which seems rather long in coming. There were a couple of stores that made it a fun visit, including the bookstore and the convenience store, but overall it was a bit of a disappointment. Japantowns across the US are suffering as there are only three remaining (SF, San Jose, LA), and all of them are in California. I read an article once describing the problem, and one cause that was speculated was that Japanese ownership in Japantown was very low; unlike Chinese descendents and Chinatown, Japanese descendents have not been strongly been interested in maintaining their presence in Japantown. Regardless of causes, Japantown just doesn't feel very... Japanese. There wasn't much there that I couldn't buy at my local Nijiya grocery store or at a comic book store. Perhaps someone who is Chinese will reply to tell me that Chinatown doesn't feel very Chinese either :).

I cool thing that meta did there was get her cellphone engraved by a guy who sits at a table in front of the bookstore. I've posted photos of this in the extended entry. It only took about five minutes, and now the front of her phone is covered with little goldfish and the back has a large tiger. Very neat. We're wondering if the engraver will also iPods and laptops. I might be able to get some cool dragons swirling around the touch wheel.

I've also posted some more attempts at pagoda photos in the extended entry.

photo photo photo

Some more pagoda photos as I played around with my camera settings.




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