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Reading prep for the presidential races

This List Of Fallacious Arguments was a fun read, especially now that the presidential races are approaching full stride. I found it after I read an article pqbon posted from The New Republic that contained so many fallacious arguments that I felt I needed a proper guide with which to identify them.

The fallacious arguments guide includes this example of Reductio Ad Absurdum, which gave me a new found respect for Bertrand Russell:

Bertrand Russell, in a lecture on logic, mentioned that in the sense of material implication, a false proposition implies any proposition. A student raised his hand and said "In that case, given that 1 = 0, prove that you are the Pope". Russell immediately replied, "Add 1 to both sides of the equation: then we have 2 = 1. The set containing just me and the Pope has 2 members. But 2 = 1, so it has only 1 member; therefore, I am the Pope."

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