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Movie: Punisher

Brian's Books hooked me up with a free screening pass, so me, bp, and pqbon all went to go see it. The free pass was good, because I really wasn't planning on paying to go see the movie, but I did want to see it in the hopes of washing the previous Punisher movie from my brain.

This Punisher movie was neither good nor bad, kinda lukewarm mediocre. It didn't really know what it wanted to be. It spent a really long time doing the whole origin story, and then it drifted for a really long time through a series of cheesy campy scenes where the Punisher doesn't really punish anybody (well, he does punish three people, but he wasn't actually seeking them out).

He sits around a bit, meets his dorky neighbors + one hot Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, and tries his best to annoy John Travolta. It didn't help that I think John Travolta is a terrible villain. Everytime I see him in a role like this, the movie automatically feels cheesy. For further reference, watch Broken Arrow. The movie also tried to throw comedy in during this long part, but it was the type of comedy that was of the "look at this funny goofy guy" sort, which I was puzzled to see in a Punisher movie.

The final paragraph is a semi-spoiler, don't read of if you've read enough or don't want more of the movie structure revealed.

At the very end of the movie, it switches into The Crow mode. If you happen to see the movie, I think you'll agree that the Crow reference is appropriate. I was actually wondering at what point this was going to happen, because as the movie got longer and longer, you keep repeating to yourself, "So when is he going to punish somebody?" Finally, he does, and for a short period of time you say to yourself, "Yeah, that's more like the Punisher." Now, I'm not trying to say that a comic book movie has to be pure to the original book, but it's hard to watch over an hour of camp and in any way feel that the movie title was justified. I don't care what you do with the character, but he's gotta kill a lotta people using guns.


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