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This is sort of a strange cross-over. As a result of visit Joi Ito's site, I found out that Amazon is now putting up listings for Web pages using Alexa data. This listings follow most of the normal convention for books, musics, and other products, including info such as: * Traffic rank (instead of sales rank) * Contact Info * Thumbnail of your site * People who visit this site also visit * Ratings

The latter two are apparently only available to high-ranking sites. When your traffic rank is in the millions like mine, they only provide basic info. I can't seem to find an easy way to browse info for different Web sites, so it seems that the easiest way to get info on your site is to go to Amazon's A9 and type in the URL there, then click on "Site Info" next to the appropriate search result. * website info: * website info: bOING bOING for an example of what a popular site looks like on Amazon


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