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Movie: Musa

MusaIMDB users think that Musa is fantastic, but personally I thought this movie sucks. It's probably also fair to say that parakkum, honeyfields, and meta all thought it sucked as well. I picked this up in Chinatown with the help of rcp (who complained about not wanting to have to watch a movie with Chinese subtitles :) ) and I expected big things from a $60M war epic -- Hero was good, right?

Musa is a Korean war epic that takes place in China, where the band of Korean warriors struggle the make it safely back home. Along the way it manages to become a protect-the-princess flick, and then after that a confused mish-mash of other epics, like Seven Samurai. There's also probably more blood and dismemberings in this film than Kill Bill Vol. 1.

Instead of defining itself as an epic with its own character, Musa instead felt like a bunch of other epic movies edited together with Asian actors substituted in. The flow of the story is disruptive, the characters inconsistent, and suspension of disbelief becomes difficult when the character motivations are so thin.

As I mentioned at the start, though, apparently other people liked this movie, so if you want to borrow it from me, feel free; I don't think I'll be watching it again soon ;).

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If you just turn your brain off and watch the fighting (and aren't squicked by the dismembering and blood) then it's decent.

It was a complete mess, though ("'re introducing Mongols now? And who are those other guys again?")

The continually-shifting purpose is probably the biggest problem, but there are others as well.


yeah, the spear-fighting and giant mongol swords are pretty cool. perhaps the movie is best shown as scenic background during a party -- an imaginary plot would probably be more consistent anyway.

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