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Lance Armstrong won Stage 3 of the Tour of Georgia, and followed that victory the same day with a Stage 4 time trial victory. The two victories vaulted him into first place with two stages to go (Armstrong finished with the peloton in Stage 5, not losing any real time). I'm hoping OLN has these.

With all this wonderful news coming in the buildup to the Tour de France, US Postal has officially decided to drop its sponsorship of the team after this year. I've already posted reasons as to why I think this is stupid. With all the athletes out there on charges for rape, murder, and doping, you don't drop sponsorship of a winner whose image is uniformly positive.

US Postal hinted that they might sponsor a different sport instead. It's hard to figure out what sport they could realistically sponsor -- the big four of baseball, football, hockey, and basketball are not very amenable to their type of sponsorship. The only sport that I can think of that they could sponsor in a similar manner would be Nascar, though I shudder to call it a sport.

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