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Armstrong wins Tour of Georgia

Armstrong won the Tour of Georgia, which will hopefully bode well for his sixth attempt at the Tour de France.

To my disappointment, it doesn't appear that OLN is broadcasting it, or if they are, they are waiting for some future date. Their other pro cycling broadcasts tend to rely on other organization's cameras, so perhaps that is the problem. This might also be a case of ABC having first rights. Time will tell.

I did manage to catch this year's Liege-Baston-Leige on OLN. I was hoping to see another Tyler Hamilton victory, but he and Floyd Landis disappeared towards the end after earlier attacks. Rebellin won his third classic in the same week, which is extremely remarkable. In the two races I saw, he managed to stick on the tail of Boogerd, who twice had to watch Rebellin scoot around him at the finish.

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