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Blue Monday Wednesday

Here I thought I was going to be all clever. After I posted the teaser photos of meta's new do, I was going to wait until Monday, and then post full photos under the oh-so-clever title, "Blue Monday." Triple entendre, super bonus cleverness score, and I would be so proud of myself.

Life would not allow me that bit of blogging triumph, however. Alas, I'm afraid I lack skills of planning, and instead I write this pathetically rueful entry about my failed wit, and I now post the full photos in shame. Enjoy, as I now turn the focus of this entry back upon it's subject, meta's hair:

photo photo Open 24 Hours sign offered as blue reference point
photo photo photo "Number one? Who, me?" photo

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this is giving me hope for my fire engine red head.


Ahh! I ♥ ♥ ♥ his hair! He's cute too! haha

Tell 'em that the hair is ROCKIN ^___^ It's an inspiration to all! hehe

Is he Asian? lol weird question.
I like the second and the last picture. The last one lookskind of girly..and it's great! Unless Meta is a girl, in which case I'm terribly sorry for calling her a guy. I don't want to sound mean. I'm sorry if that sounded awful! ♥

But I totally love the hair. Keep it!

♥ Toky ♥
your bestest budd that just commented you :]
take care!!

P.S. Sorry this was such a LOOONG comment!!! It's like 10 years long

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