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More Windows customizations/OS thievery

I've added to new bits of software to my computer setup. iEx is an app that somewhat replicates Apple's Expose feature. After using the G5 in the lab here for a day, I grew to like that feature rather quickly, especially now that I don't have a three monitor setup. iEx doesn't have all the whizbang animations of Expose, but it has the necessary functionality.

I'm also testing out Samurize, which lets you place a lot of useful information on your desktop, like a CPU meter, network meters, weather, battery gauge, etc... (its different from Konfabulator in that you basically have one giant widget that you customize, instead of a bunch of little ones). The screenshots might make it a little bit more clear. The learning curve is probably a bit steep for beginners, but once it's runing it's rather nice.

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