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Friday update

I haven't been posting much recently, at least compared to my normal posting rate, mostly because I haven't been up to much recently, other than reading a lot of books. I restarted Quicksilver, and hopefully this time I'll actually finish Stephenson's monstrous effort. His next one (Confusion) is sitting on my shelf, so I better get cracking.

I also haven't been posting much because I've been hanging out more on political blogs rather than technology blogs recently, and, similarly, I keep getting drawn into political debates on an e-mail list. I've tried to avoid political stuff on this blog, which means I don't have much to post. I've narrowed my main list of pol blogs down to Daily Kos and Atrios, with Instapundit thrown in for balance, but it's still a lot to go through. If the Bush Administration didn't screw up on a weekly basis I would have much more time to post other stuff.

There should be a lot going on soon, as next week I go to Boston for the first time in a couple years to see my friends. I'm also looking forward to adding more photos to my Gehry collection. Then, in three weeks, I'll be heading off to Ireland and trying to share a pint with all the O'Connollys out there; I fear this might kill me.

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