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How to meet strangers on the Internet

Earlier today I posted that I had one invitation to give out for G.Mail. I had assumed that I had phrased the post in such a way that only friends that knew my e-mail address would respond to it. Of course, I was wrong.

I did not intend to word that entry as a challenge to scavenge for my address, but, in retrospect, it's easy to see how it was construed that way. Two Three diligent people (attracted here by Feedster and the like) have already gone through the effort, only to be turned away as I explained that my offer was intended only to attract friends.

The first person, though, impressed me with the manner in which he derived my address, first searching my blog entries to find where I mentioned the domain of my address, then using my memorylane pages to guess the particular handle that I might use, and then confirming the full address using a search engine (pointing out pages that I didn't realize contained my address). NOTE: this isn't the easiest way to locate my e-mail address, but it has the most spirit, and is the most Google-like.

I also did say that I wanted to reward readers of this blog, and even though that person is not a regular reader, he did meet all the requirements set forth, so much to my surprise and amusement, I'm going to give the account to him, currently valued at $20-40 eBay dollars :).

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how many can we give out? cause i have some free ones to give out as well, then.


there's so many weirdos out there you have to be careful.




that's a great story.


Lili -- are you really one of the creators of Mucha Lucha? Pretty cool.

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