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Lord of the Rings RISK

I picked up Lord of the Rings RISK (the expanded Trilogy edition). Who's down to try it out? It's basically normal RISK on a map of Middle Earth, with even more complicated rules :)

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I would be, though you should dragoon some other people as well. I've heard that it's superior to conventional Risk (which is a game I dislike).


Both the LotR RISK and LotR Monopoly add rules that use the ring as a timer, so that the game does not go on forever, as both of those games tend to do. In Monopoly, the ring moves forward when ever you roll the Eye of Sauron (a one) on one of the dice. In RISK, the ring follows the path of the ring over the map, and the game ends when it reaches Mount Doom. There is also a variation where the evil armies can try and capture the one ring if it's in an evil territory, which immediately ends the game.

The Monopoly rule ends up ending the game too quickly, at least with four players; we had to send it around twice before we felt comfortable ending the game. I don't know how the RISK rule will play out.

The RISK game also adds in rules that create more strategy; you have a leader piece that strengthens your attacks, and some territories also have strongholds (e.g. Helms Deep) that make them easier to protect.

Is honeyfields going to play? We need four players total, as the game only comes with four armies (2 good, 2 evil).

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