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will involve playing a lot of this

For all you doubters/haters out there: I finished the previous one, though I did have to quit my job to make enough free time...

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does that mean a new legend of zelda game as come out?


not yet -- anybody know the release date?

it looks fun. :) i wonder if they'll actually let you ride a horse. even lord of the rings didn't let you do that.

i still want the third game, since it's supposed to be multi-player. :) sounds fun.


That looked more than a little LotR influenced.


The horse-riding part is straight out of the Nintendo 64 Zelda games, though it looks like they've made the horse combat more interesting (does this answer your question honeyfields?). The horse makes the game much more enjoyable, as you can get from point A to point B really quick.

The flaming villian did suspiciously look like a balrog, though they did get pretty close to that look with Ganon in Wind-Waker. The rest of the trailer is pretty standard fare for Zelda. I rather like the setting sun effect.

ooohhh... horseriding game. neato. :)

now i really want to play this game.

i never had a n64 (just my sister), so i haven't played any of the zelda games from then. that's why i wanted that promo disk with all the zelda games on it so badly.


you can borrow mine

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