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If you've ever wondered what Gary Burghoff (aka "Radar" O'Reilley) has been doing since his MASH days, I've found out the answer. He starred in a DARPA video about AI-based personal assistants. Paraphrasing:

"Hi I'm Gary Burghoff. You probably know me as Radar O'Reilley on MASH, where I was known for my ability to anticipate the needs of my commanding officer. In the future, personal cognitive assistants will...blah...blah"
He then transforms into a 3-D animated pair of glasses and flak helmet that floats around and points out all the capabilities that personal cognitive assistants will provide, and it culminates with Burghoff making startled noises as he gets beamed up ala Star Trek.

It reminds me of Jimmy Buffet playing at the birthday party of the Tyco CEO's wife, and it also reminds me of all the old sci-fi-series actors at Comic-Con who sit in their autograph booths with absolutely no one in line for them.

I only post all of this to ask the question: How much do you get paid to lose all your dignity after your fall from fame?

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