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Help: GarageBand

This is another request from the Mac camp for some info, though I might not have a large enough audience to get an answer. GarageBand 1.1 was released and apparently fixes some of the performance problems of the first release. The original version, for all intents and purposes, required a G5; running it on anything else was a fairly painful experience.

Until I had witnessed the dreadful performance, I was considering buying an iBook, upgrading the RAM, and installing GarageBand on it. It was an expensive excuse to get me playing my guitar on it. If anyone out there who uses GarageBand regularly can tell me whether or not the performance upgrades make it usable again on iBooks, I would appreciate the feedback. Positive or negative feedback is good; if it's positive, then I have an excuse to buy another toy; if it's negative, I have an excuse to save a lot of money.

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I have no idea whether you'll see this comment, although I suspect you will. I don't have a whole lot of experience in using GarageBand and actually have no idea whether 1.1 fixes the problems it was having (although I really hope they do). However, I'm not sure if this is worth it. I love the idea of you having a mac, but I'll be the voice of reason here for once.

There's software out there you can get for your PC that is actually 100 times better than GarageBand. Snortykills uses one such program. They're more complex, but once you get the hang of it, you can do much more with it. They're also really expensive, but still cheaper than an iBook.

Just my thoughts though.


It's more of a combined motivation. My trusty Sony VAIO died after many years of service, and although I have my work laptop, it would be nice to have a personal laptop that would be more convenient; I don't want to have to play my guitar in the computer room, for example.

Another factor is my iPod. I've discovered that the Windows drivers for using as a hard drive aren't fully reliable, as I found out this weekend when I returned from Boston. I nearly lost my photos that I had loaded using the Belkin adapter, if it weren't for the help of my co-worker, I would have. As is, I had to reformat the sucker due to the amount of corruption.

Given that I have a work laptop, though, the amount I am willing to spend on a personal laptop is very little; in Mac terms probably a 12" iBook. The economics are bit difficult to work through, which is why I need to know whether or not GarageBand is viable.

I'll take your suggestion and look at other software, though. Given that I am moving and that I have the pieces for two complete PC desktops lying about, I might be able to come up with a more creative solution that costs much less, which would be good.

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