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Feedback for Sixapart

Sixapart asks, "How are you using the Tool?" I have two answers, as I have two separate Movable Type installations.

1) On this site, I use it to run my personal weblog as well as manage the static content of the site (ala Brad Choate). I also use it to manage my DVD collection, and, strangely, to write presentations (each entry == slide). I also keep one additional weblog which is there for me to store random content on my home server, i.e. the equivalent of a textual FTP server. This brings my total to five weblogs, and one 'active' author (and one inactive guest account). I am uncertain, reading the new definition of 'weblog' and 'author' set forth whether or not this is reducible to one author/one weblog, given that the blogs drive one main Web site (

2) on, I use it to host personal weblogs for four friends of mine, and in the future I plan to host even more people who are in need of a Web server for their own blog. There is one additional blog, which is a commons area for the site. This configuration would equate to five active authors, six blogs, and likely to slightly increase (by less than a factor of two).

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