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WiFi as GPS

My PubSub subscription pulled up some interesting tidbits for me today. Ian Smith (formerly of PARC) is now at The Place Lab, which is providing a toolkit for mapping WiFi locations to map coordinates. This already has some interesting applications, such as a location-aware Todo list and location-aware IM with privacy controls.

Another interesting tidbit from the same entry was that Trevor Smith (also formerly of PARC) is now at Transmutable, which is working on creating HTML-based photo maps, so that the photos you take can be arranged geographically. Although unrelated to The Place Lab, the two dovetail quite nicely.

I look forward to the day where my media and communication applications will have a common location-aware framework, and my photo software will be able to figure out the location of a photo from its timestamp and my blogging software will come with a map-based view.

(via trevor smith via pubsub)

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