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Dublin I


We didn't do much the first day here. We checked into Cobblestones, which is a hostel in the middle of Temple Bar. We ended up not liking this choice, as they don't seem to do too good of a job monitoring who actually enters the place, and the 'breakfast' wasn't much more than tiny bread rolls and tea (then again, didn't really expect that much from a hostel). The main problem was that there didn't seem to be much of a noise difference between the windows being open and the windows being closed, which is a problem when you are staying above all the bars and nightclubs...

Most of the day involved exploring Dublin on foot, stopping at the occassional bar in Temple Bar and elsewhere. Dublin is remarkably walkable, so we had explored most portions of our map by the time the day was up. meta made me promise to wait for Guinness Storehouse and Jameson Distillery until the drunken louts showed up.

My first $50 was gone by the afternoon, as it would appear that Dublin is ridiculously expensive.

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