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We got through the Ring of Kerry faster than we had anticipated, so we made it up to Kilkee and stopped there. It's on the southern half of the peninsula that the Cliffs of Moher are located on, and we wanted to be within striking distance.

West Clare County is probably the Irish equivalent of Cape Cod -- it's where all the wealthy Irish go to vacation. Kilkee itself is your typical resort town, but we visited midweek on an off-week (apparently the upcoming bank holiday weekend was going to be a popular weekend).

My major photographic endeavor was to try and capture the sunset along the Kilkee beach. When I embarked on this plan, I had estimated only 30 minutes until sunset. meta had estimated an hour, and it turns out that she was far closer. In addition to having to wait out on the beach much longer than I had planned, the clouds started moving in from the west and the sunset was completely blocked. I did, though, managed to snap quite a few photos that I'm fond of, even without sunset bonus points.

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