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I don't have much to say about Doolin. We visited the Lower Village while were there, not realizing that there was a second village about a mile away. The Lower Village was quite tiny, containing a single pub (O'Connors) and about five or so tourist-oriented shops. Given that Doolin only has about two hundred residents, the other village probably wasn't any larger.

Given that Doolin is famous for its traditional music performances, meta picked up a Dubliners CD while were there, and due to the poor quality of Irish radio, the CD effectively became the soundtrack to the rest of our vacation.

We stopped for a pint at O'Connors, but it was the middle of the afternoon. Unfortunately we had to jet to Galway so we didn't get to listen to merry trad music.

The photo gallery is about as large as Doolin is. I failed to snap a photo that captured the entire Lower Village, which would have been quite easy, but I did snap two photos of a rusty bike, which I think may be one of the most photographed bikes in Ireland, given that I saw two other people photograph it in ten-or-so minutes.

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