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We are now in Galway, back within the reaches of the Internet, having travelled from Kilkee this morning (your typical beach-side resort town), past the Cliffs of Moher, through the Burren, and a brief stop in tiny musical Doolin. The Burren was really cool; it's might be best described as driving through a giant rock quarry in the shape of large hills. The Irish architecture makes much more sense having seen where all the rocks come from.

Yesterday we drove from Cork and around the Ring of Kerry, which was beautiful. It is the Irish version of Maui's Hane Coast, though the roads are *slightly* more navigable. We even found a nice sandy beach and relaxed for a bit before we made it to a lookout point from which you could see both sides of the peninsula.

Having a rental car is nice, and meta is adapting the left-side driving experience rather quickly, though we haven't quite picked up any good Irish road-rage insults to shout at other cars yet. The roads here are about two cars wide, so in the passenger seat I have the constant sensation of being just about to graze a parked car or run into a hedge; luckily this has only happened a couple of times, with only minor scrapes on hubcaps and side-view mirrors to show.

If anyone wants me to pick them up Irish trinkets, speak now or forever hold your peace. There is standard tourist fare, including Irish pins, family crests, Celtic designs, Guinness goods, and stuff in the color green. Otherwise, everything else here is about the same as what you'd get in the US, but with the poor exchange rate about 1.5 - 2x as expensive.

I'll have plenty of pictures to post when I get back. My current count is somewhere between 300-400 photos I think. The iPod and Belkin reader are performing like champs. Sadly, my only descriptive photo of the Cliffs of Moher are on a postcard; my photos are a spectacular gray fog.

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feking gobshite!

jammy git!

i should start actually using them when the tour buses try to run me off the road.

i am sitting next to you in an internet cafe right now... how poorly socialized are we. seriously.

get me something small please. :)

you guys are having so much fun! i'm jealous :)


feking poorly socialized!

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