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Link mongering

One of the problems of being away for a week is that the obsessive-compulsive side of me won't let all the media that occurred in the week I was gone go by without viewing. Perhaps it was people clearing out links before they go on summer vacations, but there was an unusual amount of interesting links this past week. It's hard to give credit for each link, though a large number of them did come from Neil Gaiman. Apologies if you posted this on your blog and I'm not giving you credit.

- Fahrenheit 9/11 Trailer (ends with one of my all-time favorite Dubya clips)
- Timeline of the History of Information
- Visual Collections (300,000 images from 30 collections, including maps and art)
- Generic names for soda by county
- - Riddle Contest
- How to make friends by Telephone (1940s phone etiquette guide)
- Will Eisner profile
- Student Annotated Bibliography on Lyncanthropes

Neil Gaiman (free to read online works):
- Cinnamon
- Snow, Glass, Apples
- Poems
- Nightfall
- Murder Mysteries

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