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My next phone?

It's about time for me to upgrade my phone again, assuming that AT&T hasn't changed their contract terms on me again so that I don't get a subsidized upgrade. I'm usually not one for cellphone upgrades, but my current phone (Nokia 6800) has had some physical damage that I've previously mentioned. Also, due to my inexperience with non-flip phones, I've also put a nice crack in the plastic cover over the LCD screen.

The Nokia 6820 is the successor to my phone, and it seems that it has added a lot, including Bluetooth, smaller form factor, and camera. I've also learned that for $45 I can get an SSH client for it (not sure it's worth that much money to me).

If anyone has any experience with the phone, let me know. The reviews look positive, and if I can snag a good deal it will probably be mine.

Nokia 6820 messaging phone | The Register
Nokia USA: Nokia 6820

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