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One last poll

I've just upgrade this site to MovableType 3.0. There is very little different about it, mostly just new tools for managing comments and trackbacks. One of the more notable additions is that MT 3.0 would allow me to setup 'registered' comments on this site, i.e. when you comment, instead of entering in a name, e-mail, and URL, you could instead enter in a login and password.

My question for you is: if I added registered comments, would this be more convenient for you?

Here are the pros/cons as I see them:

- don't have to type in e-mail and URL if you want that information included
- I could possibly make registered comments more prominent

- you have to login
- have to register an account at
- your comments on this site are more easily trackable

(This is the last entry today, I promise)

Comments (7)


I don't often have enough that I feel like will really add to your post that I am inspired to comment. Typically, you are addressing things that are entirely new to me, and I don't really look highly on the, "Cool. Good post." sort of comment. I don't mind filling my info in when I do feel up to commenting, so I'd have to say that registered comments don't seem to offer much in my view. That said, I don't see any reason not to offer them if you wanna throw them into the mix.

I like using TypeKey where it's been enabled. That way I know the site owner knows it me (should they have a reason to care). It makes it really easy for someone to prove that a forged comment wasn't left by them (though that hardly ever happens).

As for ease-of-use: With a cookie already set it doesn't make it any easier on or off. Either I use your "Remember personal info?" cookie or the TypeKey one.


i actually haven't gotten any comment spans. i know there are apps that you can install to stop comment spams... should i find out about those? registering would be good but would it render non-movabletypo members unable to leave comments?


I'm down for the comment login, as we've already discussed. You forgot to mention another Pro: once signed into typekey, you don't have to sign in again, for any site that supports it.

True, that's not many sites right now, but it's likely to increase in the near future.

I don't like the idea of having to login. (BTW, I enjoy your blog.)

(I tried to leave this last night and it didn't seem to take.)

TypeKey doesn't make anything all that easier. Either I have your "Remember personal info?" cookie set or the TypeKey one.

What I like about TypeKey is that it lets me defend my identity. A comment left with my TypeKey login lets you be sure that it's been left by me. A comment left by someone else pretending to be me (however rarely that happens) can be easily identified as a forgery.

I thought that couldn't get bumped up to MT 3.0 do to having to pay?

In any case, I think that TypeKey is a good thing, but that maybe you shouldn't use it that much on your site. I think that having to register for something--even something free--discourages people from posting comments. That being said, I think that it's a pretty cool feature. If you could get everyone to register, then it would foster something of a community more akin to LJ than an MT blog, although still not quite on this level. Also, if you were posting things that were sensitive to you, such as stories or artwork, then maybe typekey would offer a little bit more shielding than nothing at all, since you need to validate your e-mail address to register (I believe).

Anyway, there's my two cents.

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