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Before this disintegrates into dust

dateThis one's a relic. Back in college I participated in a startup called Storefront Media. About the only highlight that came out of this was that we made it onto the frontpage of the Wall Street Journal, above the crease. Granted, the article had almost nothing to do with us, but seeing the name of our company there in the WSJ allowed us to grin and state with certitude, "Why, we were mentioned on the front page of the Wall Street Journal."

I'm posting it here now because, as I was packing my stuff up for an upcoming move, I came across the paper, and the past four years have not been very kind to it as you can tell. I better post it now before I lose all proof of our claim.

paper   article

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My favorite part is how you smeared dirt (chocolate?) on the name of the Sloan school...

kwc Author Profile Page:

It's not chocolate. As best as I can tell, it's pure decay.

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