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Updates on registration, MovableType 3.0

Now that the comments snafu seems to be fixed, I want to address some of the questions that were raised on the poll.

I'm testing MovableType 3.0 here because I want to see whether or not it's worth installing on As a side note, I do not intend to require people to login into TypeKey, though due to positive response I will be providing it on this site. I also do not intend to moderate comments, as I have found that this is actually much more time consuming than deleting spam; it also inhibits discussion.

Installing MT 3.0 on movabletypo will require me to buy a license. However, between my 50% discount for being a beta tester, and discounts for donating to them in the past, the upgrade to 3.0 will actually be free.

Despite the free upgrade, though, I may be inclined to not upgrade movabletypo in the short term. There are two major reasons:
1) They haven't solidified the final licensing yet. I want to get the most bang for the zero buck.
2) Comment spam. With MT 2.x, I can use the Blacklist plugin to eliminate comment spam on all of the movabletypo blogs with a single swipe. Unfortunately, Blacklist is currently not compatible with MT 3.0, and won't be for some time. Granted, it appears that there is actually very little comment spam on movabletypo, but those matters are often only a question of time.

If you desire the better comment management tools, then I could be swayed to upgrade sooner, or if really essential plugins come out for 3.0 that would be of great benefit, then I could also be swayed, but the current release doesn't really add much in the way of new features.

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