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Home Media Option, for for free (Updated)

TiVo is now giving the Home Media Option, which allows you to view photos, play music, and schedule your TiVo over the Internet, for free. This should eliminate some of the price/feature disparity that TiVo had with ReplayTV, now that you don't need to pony up $99.

Now I'll have to debate between a new Series 2 TiVo or a DirectTiVo (possibly with High Def). Darn it.


I thought about this a little bit more, and my current theory is that one big reason TiVO is making HMO free is because of the online scheduling feature. When they do launch the movie/program download service, I think it will be an important part of their model to allow people at work to select a couple of movies, and then have those movies downloading into the TiVo and ready for them when they get home.

Of course, with no TiVos currently coming with built-in ethernet, who knows if the combined Home Media Options will encourage people to purchase add-on hardware.

One clarification: the HD DirectTiVo does not have Series 2 capabilities, according to what I have read.

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Geez, Tivo really needs to come out with a series
2 directivo already. I can't imagine not having
the directivo capabilities...

You think that the HD directivo will still be series 1? Surely not..


Speaking of directivo...from the Wired article on this topic (,1412,63776,00.html)

The announcement comes on the heels of the news that DirectTV sold its stock in TiVo on Tuesday, fueling speculation that the satellite provider may dump TiVo. DirectTV uses the TiVo service for its DVR packages. About 75 percent of TiVo's new subscribers in the first quarter of this year came from its partnership with DirectTV. Of TiVo's 1.4 million subscribers, about 60 percent are DirectTV customers, Ireland said.


I'm worried about the DirectTV relationship - the DirectTiVo's have been sporting USB ports for some time now, which suggests that they are Series 2 capable. The only reason I that it would seem they wouldn't want to enable it is if they had ideas of their own...

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