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Why can't I get the day off too?

I'm getting sick of Ronald Reagan week. I'm fine with honoring the President who presided over the first eight years of my life, but the sheer amount of historical revisionism that's occurring in order to turn him into a presidential hero of mythological proportions is absurd, and I really don't want the Gipper staring up at me from my wallet either.

I'll leave it to this post by Atrios to set some of the facts straight:

The House and Senate did not both come under Republican rule during Reagan's time. The Berlin Wall did not come down when Reagan was in office. Reagan is not the president who left office with the highest approval rating in modern times. Reagan was not "the most popular president ever." Reagan did not preside over the longest economic expansion in history. Reagan did not shrink the size of government. Reagan did preside over what was at the time the "biggest tax cut in history" but it was almost instantly followed up by the "biggest tax increase in history." Reagan was not "beloved by all." He was loved by some, liked by some, and hated by some with good reason.

And while we're giving Reagan's legacy credit, let's credit him for providing CIA training for Osama bin Laden in the Afghani proxy war fights against Russia and his support of Saddam Hussein against Iran. As far as I'm concerned, besides taking deficit spending to epic proportions, and helping the rich get richer, Reagan's legacy is that the replaced the Cold War with the "War on Terror."

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...and don't forget his ignoring the AIDS epidemic for a full 6 years.

Yeah, I'm sick of it he in the ground yet?

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