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No more GMail invites

Giving out invites is tiring. I've pretty much exhausted my social networks to find people to give invites out to, so I officially open this entry up to requests for GMail accounts. My only requirement is that you login using your own Typekey account, so I can test some more of MT 3.0's comment settings. I don't expect the same craziness witnessed before on this blog, now that invites are a dime a dozen, but we shall see.

Update: Five more again.

Current count (12:04pm PST): 5
Current count (02:05pm PST): 4
Current count (11:09pm PST): 3
Current count (08:09am PST): 0
Current count (02:45pm PST): -2
Current count (05:43pm PST): 5
Current count (07:55am PST): 0
Current count (01:52am PST 06/20 ): 4
Current count: no longer keeping track or taking requests

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I would like a gmail account. Thank you!

kwc Author Profile Page:

testing with e-mail address


hello ... i'd love a gmail account

many thanks if you can sort me out !

kwc Author Profile Page:

drunkies: I can send you an invite, but it seems there is a bug in my commenting system, so I do not have your e-mail address. please post another comment with an address that i can send the invite to.


Do you still have any gmail invites to send? If so I would love one. I know it says to login with typekey, however I am not a member.

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