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BMW + iPod (Update)

The rumors were true: Apple teams up with BMW on iPod adapter.

There's no details, but I'm hoping that I can get the adapter installed in my older BMW.

Update: only 2002 and later are compatible (my car is 2001), and you have to have a stock stereo system. Shucks.

The kit installs into the glove compartment and allows you to control the iPod from the steering wheel.

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M Author Profile Page:

I'm not sure how you would wire in the controls to your steering wheel, but couldn't you achieve that result using a Bluetooth car kit, and an iPod Bluetooth transmitter?

An alternative might be doing this using the Dension ICE-Link Auto Integration Kit.

kwc Author Profile Page:

Which iPod bluetooth transmitter are you referring to? Also, most bluetooth kits don't support high-quality audio, just cellphone-quality audio, which is not very good.

As for the ICE-Link, it mounts in the trunk, so there's a lot more cable routing, but it is a solution.

The BMW-sponsored solution has the added benefit that it allows you to create 5 playlists on your iPod that you can switch to using the 1-5 buttons on the CD changer.

M Author Profile Page:

I know that Ten Technology was supposed to be working on a iPod Bluetooth adapter. No idea if it ever materialized though.

I imagine that for the 2002 model, either the stock /premium stereo system had improvements which allow for the BMW sponsored solution to happen. If you want it badly enough, a stereo swap may be all that is necessary to enable you to use the BMW iPod adapter.

I find it interesting that BMW's 5, 6 and 7 series of cars are excluded from this (possibly because of iDrive?)

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