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Lots of drinking

Drank at meta's roommate's surprise b-day party, Zeitgeist with rcp, ginfiend, and others, and at the Tonga room at the Fairmont tonight. With the exception of late brunch, everything I ate today was accompanied by alcohol. Perhaps that's why I'm tired even though I've only been up 13 hours.

All was good, though it seems that rcp had more fun at Cafe du Nord that we did at the Tonga room (cheesy pirate decor that's amusing once, but probably not twice, and with live music that doesn't aid the enjoyment).

Update: added two photos of the Tonga Room ambiance

photo photo

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hi there - We visited the tonga room when we were in SF Though it's incredibly cheezy (and expensive)the tiki decor, fake hourly thunderstorms and floating band-on-raft were pretty awesome.

kwc Author Profile Page:

A friend of mine described it as "Pirates of the Caribbean" for adults :)

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