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Getting rid of invites

I've been trying to get rid of my gmail invites, now that I've received over twenty, and I'm not cool enough to know twenty people to give them to. After e-mailing my workplace, college mailing list, high school friends, and pho list, I've pretty much run out friends and friends-of-friends.

I hung out on GmailSwap for a bit and managed to collect some good-quality live Pixies and the guarantee from a Yankees hater that the Yankees won't win the World Series. These were entertaining, but the requests are flying by so quick on the site that it was hard to follow. The amusing requests were responded to in a matter of seconds, and I got tired of pressing reload. I may also be receiving a postcard from Europe; but we'll see.

I wanted a less effort intensive means of giving away accounts, and with a good warm fuzzy feeling, so I'm now giving the rest away on gmail4troops. I know many of the troops serving abroad have Internet access, and they don't need to be spending the limited hours they have online using inferior e-mail clients (though whether or not GMail is any good over a slow connection remains to be reviewed).

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