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When I came across the OEDILF, I was astounded. What's is the OEDILF? It's the Oxford English Dictionary in Limerick Form. Granted, they are still on words starting with 'ac', but quality does take time.

I have posted some samples in the extended entry.


"Absinthe" has a licorice flavor,
A liqueur that you really can savor.
It would get you pie-eyed
But then several folks died
And it's since fallen much out of favor.


Ablactation, to wean off the breast,
Should wait 'til age 2, this is best.
Though some men never quit
(Bet you thought I'd rhyme tit)
Because they're mammalian obsessed.


"Acerbate"'s defined as "to vex"
Or "to bug" or "annoy" or "perplex."
What guys need to learn
Is where gals are concerned
It is not a preamble to sex.


Acyananoblepsia? You??
It's a problem distinguishing hue.
Red and purple, you've seen,
Also brown, pink, and green,
But it seems that you can't discern blue.

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Chris J. Strolin:

Greetings! I'm visiting your site today because it was one of 89 which came up when I googled "OEDILF" and I wanted to pass along three bits of news:

1. We have long since left the Wordcraft site and will be completely up and running this week on

2. The global press release is going out shortly and there is also news from our nation's capitol which involves us that will be announced this Saturday. Many new voices are expected.

3. Due to a legal wrangle from the Oxford University Press legal department, "OEDILF" now stands for "Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form." Our goal is now to create a limerick for each and every word in the English language and not just those covered by the OED.

Details are on our BB.

Any and all lovers of the English language are welcomed to check out our new site particularly if your name is choatime, Clankus Maximus, Don Levey, Elizabeth, evinrude, fiercecupcake, Giles, Hazelsinger, Hilary Ann, indigofaerie, JB Segal, Karner Blue, LadyBeth, LizH, markmywords48, mechaieh, murlach, musik, Peter Sheil, q, Robot Johnny, slabgorb, or Valrus. All these individuals either posted limericks or otherwise expressed interest in our project while we were on the Wordcraft site and we've since lost contact with them. Wordcraft PMs went out with no luck. Posting limericks over there, technically, gave us the OK to use them on but I'd really like to do this up right and get them register.

Chris J. Strolin
Editor-in-Chief, OEDILF

P.S. We don't mind you posting limericks from The OEDILF but we'd appreciate it if you would credit the authors. Thanks much.


kwc Author Profile Page:

I went to the site to try and credit each individual author, but it does not appear that all of the limericks have been transferred.

The new site at has them all now. Sorry about the transitional hiccoughs.

Of the limericks you selected, 'ablactation' was written by TrossL; the others were by Chris J. Strolin.


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