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Tip: Adding an Amazon wishlist to your blog

Want to add your wishlist to your blog? Adam Kalsey has a cool little script that's easy to add to your site, once you figure out your wishlist ID.

NOTE: It will only list the name of the items on your wishlist. There are more sophisticated ways of including your wishlist that will include images of the items (using MovableType and the MTAmazon plugin), but using this tool is simpler and works on non-MovableType pages. Instructions are in the extended entry.

Part I: Make sure your wishlist is public

If your wishlist is already public, you can skip this step 1. Sign into Amazon 2. Click on your Wishlist 3. Click on Amazon's settings to make sure that your wishlist is public

Part II: Figuring out the short URL of your wishlist

  1. Sign out of Amazon, but stay on the Amazon Web site
  2. Click on Wishlist and search for your wishlist using the "Find a Wish List" box.
  3. Click on your wishlist and look at its URL. It will look something like

See that last little bit in bold, the part after id=? That's what we want.
7. Copy the bit after the id= (we'll use it in Part III)..

Part III: Adding your wishlist to your site

  1. Substitute in the id you copied into the following text:

<script src="" language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"></script>

  1. Place the text anywhere you please on your site. Here's a sample of what it will look like:

Comments (3)

good idea, but it uses amazons affiliate program, and therefore makes him get money when people buy through it.


Check out this one: it generates images, and you can even put in your amazon associates id if you want.


You can easily display your Amazon wishlist on your blog by going here:

You enter your Amazon Wish List ID and that will then give you a small piece of Javascript code to cut and paste into your blog template. You can use CSS to style it to your blog’s look and feel. Several default styles are also available for free.

It costs nothing and no registration required. No complicated PHP or server scripts to install.


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