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Pop is Dead

If you can stand listening to two Nickelback songs simultaneously, this track should be enough to prove to you the demise of pop music. Someone mixed one of their songs on the left audio channel and another of their songs on the right audio channel. Listen as the two songs play on in perfect synchrony.

The next step, of course, is when someone writes a computer program that generates both Nickelback songs automatically, but perhaps the music industry already has this written?
- Brandon: As if there weren't already enough reasons to laugh at Nickelback

(via Mr. Happy)

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I got to have dinner once with David Cope, a composer who also wrote a program called Experiments in Musical Intelligence. This program could churn out new Bach or Chopin pieces that were good enough to fool music masters students. Basically, he just had a database of their music and had some sensible heuristics on how to copy and paste different bits of their musical oeuvre into a completely new, genuine-sounding sonata or something. He told us he had composed music for more than one top 40 band in this manner (not using Chopin, of course, but the band's past work) but by no means was he allowed to say who. (I expect this could be done with pop lyrics as well, and we probably wouldn't notice the difference.)

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