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I am fascinated by Ripley, Borderland's bookstore cat (About Ripley). I would have a better picture, but Ripley is rather camera shy, and I would like to stay on Ripley's good side.

I am also fascinated by Borderland's, an all-SciFi bookstore not to far from meta's apartment. Though fascinated isn't the proper term in the latter case. Indebted, financially, perhaps is more descriptive. In my last three trips I've managed to pick up Red Mars, Confusion, The Stand, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Chronicles of Narnia (beautiful illustrated version), 3/4 of the Hyperion/Endymion series, Dark Tower III and IV, and Starship Troopers. Of course, I've read almost none of these yet, and I'm sure my next visit will cause me to increase this list even more.


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