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We completed the move over the 4th of July Weekend from 1010 to 99, and most systems are go except for the all important DSL. Big thanks to all who helped (too many to list, as we had an army of volunteers). We have cable, which means I have been able to view the Tour de France uninterrupted, but without DSL I am unable to turn this blog into a complete TdFest like I normally do. I shall persevere to endure.

Despite all the busy-ness moving and unpacking, I did manage to see the excellent Spidey 2 twice. I can't think of any comic book movie that's better, though I've been told to re-watch Superman. My memories of that series are vague, though I'm inclined to give the edge to a nerdy, conflicted superhero over an alien that only experiences negative emotions when exposed to red rocks.

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I have not yet seen Spider-man 2 (theoretically, our lab is supposed to see it, and that means free movie), but I definitely think the two X-Men movies are better comic book movies than the original Spider-man (and X-Men 2 is better than X-Men, so perhaps Spider-man 2 rises above the first movie in its franchise as well).

Men in Black is a pretty good comic book movie, even if almost no one read the original comic.

The Road to Perdition is an excellent comic book movie. I'm thinking maybe you should have said "superhero movie?" Otherwise, we could drift through a lot of genres.


Drifting into other genres is fine, unless I find out that there are 1000 movies based on comic books. The only caveat I would put in is "live action" versus, say, manga like Akira and Ghost in the Shell, which would make the list endless.

I think that Spidey 2 is definitely better than both X-Men movies, and it is better than MiB (I & II) as well, though they are in different genres. Other comicbook movies that I think that it's better than include Batman, The Crow, Blade, From Hell, LXG, both Punishers, the Hulk, Darkman, Daredevil, and Spawn.

I have not seen Road to Perdition so I can't compare there. Perhaps you can give your judgement after you've seen S2? :).

American Splendor is probably a contender, though I still haven't seen that one. Also, Ghost World might be another, but I haven't seen that either.

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