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Tattoo showdown

It's a showdown between the large Thai-themed back tattoos. Vote now, vote early, vote late, vote often!




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i like the one on the bottom better (is that meta's??). everyone either has a dragon, a tiger, or a phoenix. enough of that already.

bottom one. seriously. and holy shit that's huge!

the bottom one is waaaay better. :)


well, i know for a fact that the top one is Angelina Jolie, after a well-spent evening in front of the tv last night (watching everything from string theory to inside edition) so i will by default have to go with the bottom one. which, even without the default, is pretty freakin radd. i wish i had the $$ to go that far. beautiful work.


The bottom one.. i wish i could hv one them on my body...


Love angelina, and her tattoos. I'm voting for hers (the top one). I also think you should have a completed photo of it to be fair, looks great there but the end result is awesome. It also means something more personal to her and her life, not just a pretty picture.


I think both are amazing to be honest. But looking at the work it seems clear that they are both two completely different methods of tattooing. The first, being traditional and the second appearing to have been done by a modern tattoo gun, so obviously there's bound to be a difference in style and end result. But as i said before, i think they're both equally awesome.


I like the idea of the bottom one, but it is too detailed, so in time it will smudge and look like a big dark blog on someone's back..and of course she got the idea from angelina's....


**OOPS i meant to say "blob" instead of "blog".


awesome!!both are the most beautiful tattoo in my mind!!freakjng njce!!where's that shop!! i'm wanna get one too!!is that free??kekeke


I think the tiger won with no trouble.
It is totlely sweet!!

Both are pretty awesome, the tiger at the top looks amazing since it's been finished. Great work by both artists:)

I think the Tiger won that contest!!I have always admired the traditional skills.

The Thai design is articulate. But i'll go with the tiger. stronger and much more aggresive in terms of looks.

both tattoos are awesome but would prefer the Thai-themed one. A lot of folks already have a lot of tiger. So, I'll go with the other one...

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